Let the size of your belief determine the size of your goal.
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Welcome to Caldwell Management Solutions, where belief fuels ambition and collaboration sparks transformation. Led by the visionary Dr. Loretta Caldwell-Thompson, we embody the motto, "Let the size of your belief determine the size of your goal." Dr. Caldwell-Thompson's journey from West Baltimore to impactful roles in the Nation's Capital and beyond showcases her unwavering faith in her Creator and relentless pursuit of positive change.

As the founder of Caldwell Management Solutions, Inc., Dr. Caldwell-Thompson and our dedicated team specialize in revitalizing programs, optimizing operations, and championing leadership, diversity, and belonging. Our mission is crystal clear: to empower individuals, revolutionize organizations, and catalyze global change.

Join Caldwell Management Solutions on this exhilarating journey of leadership, innovation, and boundless possibility. Together, let's shape a future where belief knows no bounds and transformation knows no limits.

Living Leadership Laboratory

Dr. Loretta Caldwell Thompson is a multifaceted professional, excelling as an author, thought leader, small business developer, and influential speaker. Her unique approach to leadership development, known as the Living Leadership Laboratory, distinguishes her in the field.

Dr. Thompson seamlessly integrates spiritual principles and transformational activities into traditional leadership practices, offering a holistic framework for personal and professional growth. Through her work, she inspires individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential in leadership, fostering creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

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Core Competency


HR Training & Audits
Needs Assessment
Strategic Planning
Program/Services Evaluation

Dr Loretta Thompson and John Maxwell
Core Competency


Leadership Development
Project and Event Management
Diversity and Inclusion Management
Federal Grant Reviews

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Core Competency


Network/Collaboration Building
Stakeholder Analysis
Monitor/Evaluate Systems
Cross Cultural Competency

Leadership and Management Consulting Consultation

If you are ready to enhance building your leadership reach and management bench, need assistance with human services selection & development, or simply want assistance developing skills to be a better leader, then contact me for a free 30 minute consultation.


Alice Harris

Education Director, Head Start and Pre-K Initiatives

Ms. Caldwell continues to provide personal coaching and consultation services to numerous professionals in the field of education and child welfare. She has an incredible work ethic and sense of professional integrity as evidenced by her numerous professional and personal achievements at the local, state and federal levels. I have personally benefited from the consultation services she has provided throughout various stages of my career, specifically in the areas of community development, public policy and organizational development. Ms. Caldwell has earned the professional reputation as an exceptional leader and scholar and I am honored to endorse her recommendation as the Owner and President of Caldwell Management Solutions.

Micki Rosario

Photographer, Set Coach at NUBIAN STUDIO

It is both a privilege and honor to provide a recommendation on behalf of Ms. Loretta Caldwell-Thompson, President of Caldwell Management Solutions (CMS). A company in business since 1990.  I have knowledge of how successful this organization has been in developing and implementing contractual agreements of large government and private sector projects. CMS has been effective in bringing public awareness of these projects providing services to communities, families and small businesses.  I am confident that Loretta Caldwell-Thompson and Caldwell Management Solutions, will continue to make a difference in the lives of people. I strongly support this organization.

Gary Reynolds

Medical Officer at Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Benefits Administration

I've personally known Loretta since 1973, when we were undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania. We've maintained contact since graduation to the present time. When Loretta was administrator at a large church, she effectively managed both financial and human resources with aplomb. She forewarned church leadership about decisions which could lead to cancellation of an existing grant (which, unfortunately, came to pass when Loretta's counsel was ignored). The experience taught her that effective leadership with vision can enhance organizational performance, while ineffective leadership can quickly lead to an organization's demise.

I also worked with Loretta whenever she needed expert advice on medical issues with a funding proposal. As a physician, I can attest to how she understood complex medical issues, grasped their inter-relationships and used them to create successful funding opportunities. It's no wonder that Loretta has had success within the grant and foundation funding environment, receiving numerous awards (both single and recurring awards). I unreservedly offer my recommendation.

Reuben Steele, LICSW, LCSW-C

Clinical Social Worker

Ms. Loretta Caldwell-Thompson is reliable, dedicated and an excellent communicator. She has a sophisticated vision of utilizing cutting edge technology to enhance service delivery and efficiency. She is warm, personable and highly professional.

Charles A. Ray

Attorney at Law Offices of Charles A. Ray

Loretta is a hard working, conscientious business professional who pays attention to detail and always conducts herself with the highest degree of professionalism. I wholeheartedly recommend her without reservation.

Dennis Clark

Business Development Manager at Dynamix Engineering LTD

Loretta, is a very detailed and comprehensive person with regards to operational and organizational skills. Many years working with Loretta on different projects has taught me the value of interpersonal skills along a sense of command to accomplish key projects and meeting all associated milestones.

Jan T Harris

Editor at A Closer Look, Inc.

It gives me immense pleasure to write in recommendation of Loretta Caldwell-Thompson. I have known Loretta for 3 years. She has been a friend, a confidant and a business partner. Loretta is incredibly intelligent and is an amazing leader.

My information technology company has collaborated with her company, Caldwell Management Solutions, on a number of business opportunities. Not only did she lead our collaboration to business success, but she also managed to take control of, and manage our individual skill sets effectively. Loretta is an independent, self-directed person who is able to communicate effectively and meet even the most demanding challenges comfortably. During the three years I have known her, her methods have improved the operation of each company in our collaborative.

It is with great pleasure that I write to you in recommendation of Loretta Caldwell-Thompson. She is a honest, caring individual who is an extremely valuable asset.

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How we work with clients


“Loretta Caldwell Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Caldwell Management Solutions, (CMS), has created an innovative, dynamic forward thinking company designed to help organizations take a real hard look at itself from the inside out.

CMS employs its proprietary organizational assessment model that can come in and focus on a specific concern or look at an organization from top to bottom, from the C-Suite to the Mailroom.  CMS came into to our company Competech SmartCard Solutions, Inc. and looked at every aspect of our organization leaving no stones unturned.  It was uncomfortable at first, but CMS guided us, pushed us and most of all encouraged us as we went through their process.

What we received from them was a well thought out interactive plan that assessed our organization’s structure throughout, and provided us a pathway and the tools to help our organization function more effectively and more efficiently.  The plan also gave each of us some set methodologies to help everyone continue moving our organization forward, while remaining an integral part of the process.

If you are looking for a company that thinks outside of the box, has a structured yet dynamic approach to organizational health and growth, YOU should strongly consider CMS for your organizational development and enrichment needs.”  Per the CEO of Competech SmartCard Solutions, Inc.

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How we work with clients


An international organization, The Ministry of Justice of Trinidad and Tobago wanted to redirect their strategic planning efforts for growth to mirror those of other successful United States correctional directors in the global markets. CMS began by using systems analysis to understand the current practices used; utilized various personnel assessments in working with senior management to determine leadership styles; and instituted several role-playing exercises to determine what was successful and how these successes were awarded. These activities helped to establish attainable short-term goals based on sound best practices, and followed through with measurable outcomes and associated time frames. Additionally, the team of CMS was awarded a special plaque from the organization for their leadership role in this strategic planning process.

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How we work with clients


A west coast state governmental organization sought direction and improvement of deficiently-run programs. By using trend analysis, CMS was able to work with senior management staff to conduct a thorough culture and needs assessment. CMS used trend analysis to determine what best practices would yield exceptional management systems based on the culture and needs assessment. Additionally, CMS was able to strategize whether meaningful collaborations would move the organization to a shorter learning curve in order to improve their deficiency status. Based upon the outcome of these processes, CMS prepared the organization‘s Board of Directors for the new senior management key positions and a sustainable process in the restructuring of the organization.


"Shared thinking”, as coined by John Maxwell is the backbone of all CMS’s core values. Shared thinking is faster than solo thinking; it is more innovative than solo thinking; it is more mature than solo thinking; it is stronger than solo thinking; it returns greater value than solo thinking; and is the only way to have great thinking. (Maxwell, 2016)

Improve Capacity

“All of us are smarter than one of us!”

Consider Change

If you grow, you will change.”

Impact Culture

“Culture can eat vision for lunch.”

Maintain Integrity

“Can I trust you?” People will follow leaders that they trust. Relationships=influence=leadership.

Uphold Reciprocity

‘Win-Win’ is the exchange of positive energy from one entity or person to another. … the exchange that brings value to both

Enhance Connection

When we do this well, there is an inward satisfaction…. You are energized! CMS connect with their clients by putting great effort to ask questions, value input and make their desires, CMS’ desires.

Encourage Enthusiasm

“Profite de la vie!”  being exciting about life…. Looking at the positivism while understanding the truth of the situation.

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