"Collaboration strengthens and expands our interpersonal skills: Many experienced women professionals build meaningful connections and relationships as they weather life’s ebbs and flows, learning from shared losses and celebrating shared wins to own and improve their worth."

Dr. Loretta Caldwell Thompson


  • HR Philosophical Training Audits
  • Needs Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Evaluation

"Capacity building" refers to intentional, coordinated and mission-driven efforts aimed at strengthening the management and governance of organizations to improve their performance and impact. This occurs through organization development activities, such as leadership development, strategic planning, program design and evaluation, board development, proposal writing, and HR training.

CMS uses a strategy in organizational development that focuses on understanding the obstacles that inhibit people and organizations from realizing their developmental goals. Using this information, CMS assists organizations in developing their philosophy in training and its accompanied training audit plan. This philosophy and implementation of training will enhance the employees’ capability to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

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  • Leadership Development
  • Project and Event Management
  • Diversity and Inclusion Management
  • Proposal Development and Federal Grant Reviews

CMS has the tools, resources, and human capital experiences to help organizations develop the right leadership and management solutions for their business. Our management consulting services focus on skill-building rather than specific business problems. While we will help organizations find the answers that are right for them, CMS’ main objective is to assist organizations in developing long-term skills to make the team better business leaders. This can be accomplished through one-on-one management consulting sessions, mastermind groups, lunch and learn sessions, and monthly group development meetings with other local executives. CMS has a complete library of tools and resources to help employees develop their personal leadership skills. The CMS’s management team believes executive leadership assistance is a requisite for understanding the need and purpose for a change. Working with a leadership and management consultant has many professional and personal benefits.

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  • Network/Collaboration Building
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Monitoring/Evaluation of Systems

CMS integrates equality programming throughout our core development work, focusing on strengthening and promoting human rights and accountable and transparent governance.  CMS focuses on evaluation of programs and services to ensure that organizations are responsive to the needs of those they serve. CMS promotes inclusive development so that women, minorities, and challenged populations benefit from growth, opportunity and expansion, with special attention to the urban cities and in the Caribbean countries. CMS’ white paper, The Diversity Inclusion Program, aka DIP Initiative, lays the foundation to promote collaboration while ensuring equity among all employees.

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Leadership and Management Consulting Consultation

If you are ready to enhance building your leadership reach and management bench, need assistance with human services selection & development, or simply want assistance developing skills to be a better leader, then contact me for a free 30 minute consultation.

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